A generative system inspired by Calder Mobilés.


Modulo Patterns01/2023

Visual research of binary patterns in motion using modulo operators.


Edge of Chaos12/2022

Implementation of Edge of Chaos to learn zig for Web Assembly in conjunction with thi.ng/wasm-api. Usage of dynamic memory allocation on zig side to be able to change buffer sizes dynamically from Typescript. Learned about pointers and memory-address operators, and memory allocators. Simple pixels-simulation using DOM elements to create first outputs.


Cellular Automaton11/2022

I wanted to explore alternative forms to the classical top-to-bottom/bottow-to-top scanline growing behaviour in cellular automatons. These experiments use a grid of fields, where each field is initialized with different rules, growing directions and settings. The system combines two different variations: classical elementary cellular automata rules and a copy-pixel/plasma rule, which takes pixels from the neighborhood with a noise-controled offset like a stamp.


Koch Curves10/2022

Explorations of recursion with Koch Curve and Snowflake algorithms. Details are achieved by adding randomness and complexity with line connections.


Persian Recursion10/2022

Pixel recursion. Experiments with Persian recursion, as described by Anne M. Burns in 1997, Mathematics Magazine Volume 70, Issue 3. Pure WebGL implementation.


Drawing Bots08/2022

Drawing system which emerged from experimenting with recursion


Kuramoto Synchronisation03/2022

The Kuramoto model, as described by Yoshiki Kuramoto is a mathematical model used to describe synchronization in a large set of coupled oscillators. I used this model to learn about Transducers and create self-synchronizing oscillating visuals.


Bio Simulations10/2020


Supershape Lifeforms05/2020

Exploring the space of mathematical formulas to build generative shapes inspired by natural organisms. Created using my own python implementation of the supershape formula in Touchdesigner (article). Brought to live using math driven animations inspired by natural movements of organisms like breathing, growth or locomotion.


Curve Compositions01/2020

Geometry shader implementation for curvers with different stroke width in openFrameworks.


Tube Shaping08/2019

Shader to explore possibilities for shaping and manipulating tubes right from GLSL


Organic Bezier Shapes08/2018

Series of circular generative designs inspired by natural forms and structures. The generative illustrations emerged while experimenting with Clojure and Quil — a wrapper library for Processing. The initial intention was to create circular structures inspired by tree rings.


Generative Towers06/2018

Series of generative illustrations inspired by the beautiful fortified city of Carcassonne in the South of France and Paul Maars book Türme

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