audiovisual online exhibition

vi • son is an audioreactive digital art performance.

The project invesigates different phenomena in the realm of multisensoric perception focused on visualisation of music and its representation in data. In November 2020 — due to the global COVID-19 pandemic regulations — an online exhibition was created.

Music encodes emotions and moods into a tonal representation as communication. Due to this translation, information is lost, several aspects become different emphasis and others are neglected. Additionally modern production and storage of music codes the original sound into a digital representation.

vi • son tries to decrypt the coding of music. What do people see, feel and experience when listening to music? The project is best described as an interdisciplinary collaboration in the reamls of creative coding, music production and social science. The objective is to explore visual representation formats for tone and emotions. The online exhibition is conceptualized as an ongoing, improving and changing system.

  • Collaboration: Kalangu / Pendeloque
  • Curation: Benjamin Doubali, Leon Fuchs, Guido Schmidt
  • Music: Leon Fuchs, Klaus Herrmann
  • Editorial: Benjamin Doubali
  • Programming & Design: Guido Schmidt