A digital generative artwork that reimagines the conversation between two artificial intelligence bots as an abstract expressionist painting. A bot which interacts in a conversational way with itself, discussing the intricacies of science and technology studies, their voices overlapping, merging, and evolving as they communicate.

Tachisme captures this conversation in a vibrant, dynamic canvas of shapes and colors. The artwork utilizes a unique generative system that incorporates a Lévy flight, an underlying random walker pattern that adds an element of unpredictability and chaos to the artwork. As the conversation progresses, the painting evolves, with each brushstroke and color choice determined entirely by the generative system. No predetermined narrative or message. Instead, the artwork invites the viewer to explore the intricate patterns, to immerse themselves in the artificial conversation and the interplay between art and artificial intelligence.

[artwork description by gpt-3.5]


Tɐchisme was built as a contribution for the initial Science and Technology Studies Hub 2023 conference, taking place March, 15th - 17th at the Human Technology Center in Aachen and themed “Circulations”.

Incorporated into the panel presentation titled "From the Laboratory to the Atelier? Circulations, digital media art and the boundaries of participatory science", the intention of the work was to present a perceptible and tangible experience to initiate discussions about how machine learning tools will form scientific research and science communication. The presentation of a medial artwork intended to act as a form of medial enhancement that additionally irritates the presentations topic about processes of social digitization and the reconfiguration of the relationship between science and its social environment by breaking with circulations, locations, and references of ideal-typical science.


  • Benjamin Doubali, Institute of Sociology, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
  • Michael Kitzing, Institute of Sociology, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
  • Thanks to the organizational committe of STS-Hub Aachen 2023
  • Thanks to the staff of meffis Transformationszentrum for the location and support on-site