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2019employed NSYNK

Viessmann Mixed Reality Presentation

To illustrate the changes that the industry faces and Viessmanns solutions to them, we developed an informative and entertaining AR show for the audience at Viessmanns booth on the ISH 2019.

Virtual protagonist Klaus guided through his neighbourhood - a physical prototype village in scale 100:1 - explaining Viessmanns newest product innovations and digital solutions. Klaus and his clients were brought to life digitally and mapped into this model using AR technology. Transitions from AR to fully virtual scenes have been used to dive into detailed technical topics and explain Viessmann's innovations in an entertaining way.

For this kind of storytelling we needed the camera to be an integral part of the scene, to be able to follow Klaus into his customer's homes. The solution we came up with was to employ a robotic arm as a fast and precise camera man in such a small scaled model. Mechanical precision of the UR10 let us fit the augmented reality content tightly to the camera image. To control and calibarte the robot to the scenary, we built a custom software in vvvv and URScript

Tech Stack

vvvv & VL, C#, UR10 scripting language

Please find more information on the website of NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik mbH