Visual identity for a mobility podcast

Visual Identity



  • Clojure
  • Touchdesigner
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
V isual identity and logo for Movepod ‒ a podcast related to the flow of movement and traffic and it's history in the context of mobility and human movement.

The initial idea was to work with existing traffic data and create a visual system that generates recognizable visual patterns according to what topic the respective episode is actually about. Research on open data sets about traffic and mobility infrastructure let to the discovery of the open data set ATKIS Objectkatalog — which is a mapping of categorized point of interests (POIs) in Germany. A subset describing traffic infrastructure of streets and highways (autobahn), railroads, aviation and shipping traffic was selected. The positional data from the dataset's XML files was extracted and preprocessed using a custom XML reader built with Clojure.

The parsed data was fed into Touchdesigner to assemble a particle system emerging from that data. A parameterized system could then be tuned for creation of different effects featuring changing particle motion, collision detection and reaction with the Movepod symbol.