Virtual circular stage for Berthold Brechts Dreigroschenoper

Stage Projections



  • blender
  • Photoshop
  • Touchdesigner
  • Python
I n 2013 the musical theatre group of the Carl-Friedrich Gauss Gymnasium Hockenheim performed the Dreigroschenoper by Berthold Brecht in the city hall of Hockenheim.

The basic idea for it's stage design was to reflect the idea of the fourth wall ‒ a theatrical convention that indicates the notion of an invisible, imagined wall that separates actors from the audience ‒ by building an artificial scene behind the theatrical scene using a virtual world. It should extend the stage at it's top into a wider scenery. The realization was achieved using rear projection by two large Epson projectors equipped with wide-angle lenses that projected onto a wide projection screen above the actual stage set.

The play takes place in London with it's main scenes happening in the district of Soho, an old factory hall, a brothel in Turnbridge and the building of the Central Criminal Court, known as Old Bailey. These scenes were modeled and textured using blender and Photoshop. An import pipeline setup within Touchdesigner was used to create an virtual circular stage that could be directly controlled from the light desk control unit of the theatre's control room. Virtual lights could thereby programmed directly into the cue list of the lighting program. Furthermore, virtual camera tracking shots could be programmed to achieve flowing transitions between theatrical scenes and synchronization with the remaining stage lighting.