12 Women

A comedy thriller

Stage Projections



  • Touchdesigner
  • blender
A dark theatrical stage play by Robert Thomas adapted from Francis Ozon'spicture 8 Women at the Carl-Friedrich Gauss Gymnasium in Hockenheim. The stage design included two large windows built from two large projection screens. Touchdesigner was used to render an artificial view into the garden of the house that is the only scenery where all the acting takes place. The projection included a weather system that should reflect the act of the play. As the action gets darker due to a mysterious murder, the isolation of the situation and the growing suspicions among the characters, the weather turned into a growing thunderstorm scene after scene. The system was connected and controlled to a GrandMA light desk computer for minimized latency as well as for a more intuitive lighting situation, so the projections could be controlled and matched with the remaining light setup.